Kim Goodsell: On Living with a Terrorist in Your Body

Kim Goodsell has had an amazing journey from being a totally fit elite athlete to being diagnosed with a rare condition that includes having a cardiomyopathy that could kill her. Because of the cardiomyopathy, she has an Cardioverter Defibrillator implanted in her body.

Watch the video (filmed at the 2014 WLSA Convergence Summit in San Diego) as she describes being jolted off her bike the first time it went off. And also how she went on to figure out the genetics and diagnose her own condition only to be told she didn’t have the credentials to attend a medical meeting where an abstract she co-authored was being presented.

This new generation of empowered patient and e-patients, like Kim, are leading a digital health revolution that will change the way healthcare is done in the US.




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