Keith W. Boone, The Standards Geek, a HiMSS14 Interview

Keith W. Boone, author of the chapter, Mobile Health IT Standards, in the HiMSS book, mHealth Innovation, talks about the need for mobile health

Keith Boone is a man with several aliases. He is best known in the world of HIT social media as @motorcycle_guy, but he has the enviable title at GE Healthcare (where he works) of “The Standards Geek.” I had a chance to catch up with Keith at #HiMSS14 to talk, well, standards – and not just any HIT standards but standards for Mobile Health IT.

According to Keith, many developers are building health apps (e.g., to measure blood pressure or weight), but none of them talk to each other because they don’t use standards. He goes on to say that standardization will allow us to develop platforms, like we have on our desktop computers, that will let us do interesting and innovative things with the apps.

If you are a mobile health developer or someone interested in the future of mobile health, it’s well worth watching this video…and then, following up by reading Keith’s chapter “Mobile Health IT Standards,” in the HiMSS publication, “mHealth Innovation: Best Practices from the Mobile Frontier,” edited by Rick Krohn (@rickkrohn) and David Metcalf.


Video edited by Gloria Cho



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