Derek Newell, CEO, Jiff
Derek Newell, CEO, Jiff
Derek Newell, CEO, Jiff
Derek Newell, CEO, Jiff

The Jiff platform collects “digital exhaust” from health apps to facilitate tying improved health outcomes to reductions in employees’ out-of-pocket cost-sharing.


We had a chance to catch up with Derek Newell, CEO of Jiff at the 2014 Digital Health Summer Summit. Jiff, he explained, provides self-insured employers with a one-stop shop for digital health via its platform. By bringing together best-of-breed apps, wearables and other health programs, Jiff allows employers the opportunity to customize their digital health offerings and map them to challenges, incentives, & achievements.

Jiff works with its digital health partners to analyze the use of the apps via their “digital exhaust”. Employees can be rewarded for use or for achievement of a health process or outcome measure (e.g. lost 10 pounds or reduced hemoglobin A1c). The success metrics can be tied back to incentives, such as a reductions in employee out-of-pocket health insurance expenses.

Jiff’s Digital Health Partners

Jiff staff tracks the digital health space so they know which apps/services people are using (e.g. by number of downloads, stories in the press, information from VCs). They reach out to these companies to invite them to participate in the platform. They try to offer the digital health tools that are being used by 95% of the people using apps in each category. They welcome digital health entrepreneurs that are interested in having their app/service on the Jiff platform to contact them at

Jiff makes money by licensing their platform to the employers. They also get a bonus that they split with their digital health partners when employees reach pre-specified goals of engagement, complying with processes that lead to outcomes or actually achieving certain health outcomes.

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Patricia Salber MD, MBA (@docweighsin)
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