I had a fun conversation at the recent Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco with Jeff Arnold, CEO of Sharecare (Founder of WebMD), about what they are building. Jeff likens it to a skyscraper. With investors like Dr. Oz and Oprah (amongst others), the company has the resources to build and buy the makings of a comprehensive platform to help consumers reach their health goals.

One of their key acquisitions was the Real Age scoring platform (for $65 million) that is used as the registration process for the users of the site. What a great idea! Who doesn’t want to know if they are really 10 years younger than their stated age?

Using programs and tools available on the Sharecare platform, people can work to improve their health and see the impact by checking the improvement of their Real Age score.

Watch the video to learn more.

Here are some books you may enjoy (The TDWI Team):



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