Jen-Hyatt-mHealth14Jen Hyatt, founder and CEO of the Big White Wall (BWW), joins Pat Salber (@docweighsin) at the 2014 mHealth Summit in Washington DC to talk about how people can manage their mental health on the BWW. The BWW is a health technology company that boosts access to mental healthcare, allowing people to post their thoughts anonymously, access peer and counselor support, and learn from clinically-valid mental health programs. Jen says it is an “entirely digital end-to-end to support people with poor mental health.”

The organization has a large presence in the UK, providing support to colleges & universities, the military, and private health insurers & employers. Big White Wall is expanding their services in the United States, and is accessible on mobile devices and the web.


Watch the video

Watch the video to learn more about this innovative approach to mental healthcare:



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