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French Tech has a huge presence at this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas. I think I read that they make up 25% of the companies displaying their wares at this enormous annual celebration of all things tech. We spent some time with two of these companies to learn what they are up to: BewellConnect and Biomouv.



I chatted with Olivier Hua, Managing Director of BewellConnect, a French tech company that is aiming to create a virtual doctor. They have developed a number of medical grade devices, including a 3-lead EKG (this device, called MyECG® won the top prize in the Biotech category of the CES 2016 Innovation Awards). They also have a glucometer, Tens, oximeter, and a device to measure BP & pulse, as well as an activity tracker, health & fitness coaching, and various types of scales. All of these devices port data into the BewellConnect application that can generate questions, using artificial intelligence, to put the data in context. I asked Olivier if they are developing a virtual advice nurse, he said it was better than that, they are developing a virtual doctor.

Watch the video to learn more:

Olivier says that all of the products, except the EKG device are FDA approved and will be available to US markets Q1-2 this year.



French company, Biomouv, has developed science-informed, proprietary algorithms that use your health and fitness data to generate personalized diet and exercise plans to improve your health. They have recently opened offices in Philadelphia to bring the product to North American consumers. I chatted with Francois Gallouedec, the person in charge of Business Development for the company in North America, at the 2016 CES Conference in Las Vegas.

Watch the video to learn more:

Vive la France!


  1. Hi Dr. Salber,

    I noticed a the significant participation from French firms as well, and my conversation with a young woman from Bewell was as informative as it was delightful. Perhaps it just my personal impression, but French people seem to be deliberately accurate; which only serves to strengthen my affinity for them.

    Vive la France…Indeed!


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