Finding the top-rated healthcare websites for blog writers can be a challenge. Start by typing specific keywords into your favorite browser search bar, which will net different results, different opinions, and lists. You’re likely to discover a variety of lists, including successful health bloggers (professional and non-professional), healthcare websites, and recommendations for the best websites to write for. But what about healthcare blogs?  More specifically, are there good websites or healthcare blogs to be found where healthcare professionals, freelancer writers, or those with a medical background in any field can publish their blogs?


Finding healthcare websites with blogs

Some, if not most, healthcare websites that have a blog use in-house or regular contributors to create their blog content. That’s not to say that others don’t accept guest blogs, depending on topic, experience, and of course, writing style. They do. Finding those that you can blog about or submit blogs to are numerous.

Maybe not so surprisingly, some of the leading healthcare websites and organizations don’t have blogs. Most of these are informative and provide numerous resources such as the American Heart Association, the American Dietetic Association, and similar sites. However, if you take the time to research and practice patience, you can find listings of top healthcare websites that are not only conducive to blog writing but offer opportunities for bloggers. Some pay well, some are relatively low-paying, and some offer bylines (no payment but effective in expanding published online credits and earning ‘street cred’). Depending on popularity and outreach, some blog managers may invite you to become a regular contributor rather than an occasional guest poster.

When presented with a list, even one slightly outdated, always access those websites to look at their blogs, determine if they accept submissions, and if so, what kind of guidelines they provide. Before approaching a potential blog topic, become familiar with the website and its blog. Read previous posts to see what topics have been covered. If the website has a Facebook page, you can often get a different angle on the website owners, its blog and following, and other relevant information.


Tips for submitting to healthcare blogs

Regardless of how big or small, payment or not or byline options, it’s important to always follow the submission guidelines and recommendations made by the blog content managers. Some are more stringent than others. Others may require a specific word count while still others are very particular about tone, style, and formatting.

When pitching a topic, be as precise and concise as possible. If needed, mention several credible resources and sources that you’ll rely on to create the content. In healthcare blogging environments, it’s essential to not only be familiar with the topic you’re writing about, but to provide accurate information.

To help prepare you for writing or pitching a topic for a healthcare blog, access some of the more popular health websites on the Internet today. Among them, not necessarily ranked in order of preference:

Become familiar with writing styles, the way information is disseminated to the general public as well as healthcare professionals in any area of the industry, as well as approaches taken to translate complicated and often technical language into user-friendly copy and content.


Popular healthcare websites for blog writers

Popular healthcare website blogs include but are not limited to:

  • The Doctor Weighs in – TDWI covers all aspects of healthcare including health and wellness, medical conditions, neurobiology of behavior, health policy, and health technology. With a global reach of ~350,000+ page views per month and active promotion of stories via social media and paid content distribution, this is a good place to earn the “street cred” I mentioned above. Although a few regular contributors post first on their own blogs, TDWI’s preference is for original articles that have not been published elsewhere. Guidelines for contributors can be found at or you can contact the blog manager via Stories should be 1000+ words and evidence-based (provide links or references). Good writing is a must.
  • The Health Care Blog – A popular forum that covers various healthcare business and healthcare industry topics with an average daily audience of 4,000 to 5,000 readers. They cover topics regarding national healthcare policy, daily healthcare news, and just about everything under the umbrella of healthcare business. They do provide guidelines for bloggers. (Contact the editor at
  • Health Affairs Blog – Focuses on healthcare policy and commentary. Under the “About” tab, potential bloggers can submit a post for publication consideration by using the form provided on the website. Click on the link to “Submit a Post”. The website provides specific instructions for submission of blog posts and guidelines for the health affairs blog as well as the grant watch section of their blog. (
  • Health commentary – A nonprofit focusing on students in healthcare and needs of consumers. The website provides opportunities for guest bloggers as well as syndicated blogs. Topics range from pharmaceuticals and their cost to government funding priorities, public health, Medicare, and disease processes. (
  • Health Watch – Their main focus is on government policy and regulations. They support contributors discussing healthcare regulations. Access the “Sign up to become a Contributor” under the Contributors tab. You’ll be asked to describe your specialty, experience, and provide samples to your work. Also, be prepared to provide your social profile as you are asked for it—LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Klout. (
  • Vital Signs – The popular blog for modern healthcare focuses on healthcare business news, research, and data. Topics covered include technology, safety and quality, insurance, providers, and end-of-life concerns, among numerous other timely and relevant topics. Mainly read by healthcare executives, the blog does have a number of regular as well as guest contributors. Contact the website for information regarding potential submissions. (
  • – Covers a myriad of bioethical topics, affordable care, healthcare practices, biotechnologies, and more. While they have a staff of roughly one dozen original contributing authors, they do have a “Get Published” link that provides general guidelines and submission instructions for their American Journal of Bioethics, the AJOB Neuroscience Journal, and AJOB Empirical Bioethics articles, commentaries, and book reviews. Users can also access their Manuscript Central (ScholarOne) website to submit work. First-time users must create an account. Find instructions at

Of course, not all healthcare blogs focus on healthcare policy, regulations, and insurance.  Some focus on general health and wellness, medical conditions, health advice, diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyles. Bottom line: Do your homework to find the blogs that match your expertise and comfort level. With diligence and focus on detail, you can find numerous opportunities in healthcare blogging.



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