When you hear Stanford Medical School, the Arts isn’t usually what you think of. But this year, maybe we can get you to. In our new music video, “Dear Future Doctor”, a parody of pop artist Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband”, my classmates and I poured out our hearts and souls, and even our blood and green secretions! We hope you enjoy it.

So what gets medical students to put down our books and make a movie? Well, in part, it’s our desire for a creative outlet. In the words of our Fearless Leader (AKA Producer) Gun Ho Lee, “There are a lot of incredibly artistic people in medicine, but it’s not often that they get to express that side of themselves.”

But beyond being fun, our movie is also intended to present a not-so-silly message. In her original song, Meghan Trainor pokes fun at aspects of modern courtship and gender norms. In a similar way, we want to touch on some of the shortcomings of modern medicine. Our cast of characters, from the litigious patient, the overworked resident, the late doctor, the money-mongering surgeon, the celebrity physician, to the under-appreciated nurse, all have something to tell doctors in training. But in a series of humorously depicted “fail” moments, we see how many of their actions belie their advice.

Interestingly, Stanford’s movie isn’t an anomaly—there are over fifty medical school music video parodies on YouTube. You might not expect medical students to spend their free time doing this, but I think it’s because we’ve all had to table our creative passions to pursue our studies, and now through these movies we’ve found a way to channel them. Not only for catharsis, but also to comment on what we’re experiencing.

Whether it’s on the big screen or in the clinic, we look forward to pursuing our careers to hopefully help address problems in our healthcare system that right now we can only point and laugh at.


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