Rebecca and Quincy

A few months ago, after wanting a dog for as long as I can remember, I finally got the dog of my dreams. Quincy, now a 5-month old Labradoodle (who looks more like a lab than a poodle), is the best dog I could have ever asked for. He has changed my life and my family’s life in so many ways.

Before getting Quincy, when my family and I got home from school, work, and other activities, we would go and sit on the couch or watch a TV show or something like that. But now that we have Quincy, things are very different. We have a dog to think about (and play with) before we veg out.

My parents wake up pretty early (usually about 5:30 am) on weekdays to get ready to go to work. First thing in the morning, they take him for a walk to “do his business.” And then, they feed him. They also give him a little treat for being so good—he loves Milk-Bones!

Quincy and Rebecca with Milkbone
Quincy getting his Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treat

I wake up a little later (at around 7:00 am) and take Quincy for a walk. My mom will usually come with me. It is great because we all get some exercise and fresh air before starting the day.

I just started 7th grade. My new school is walking distance from our house. On Wednesdays, my dad’s day off, we walk with Quincy to school. After seeing me off to school, my dad walks him back home.

Before Quincy, we would never go on walks in the morning! It feels so great to be outside in the mornings before having to be in school all day. Quincy loves his walks, too. He stops and sniffs around and loves meeting new dogs along the way. It’s so interesting how many different kinds of dogs we have met. We also realize that we meet all kinds of new people, too, now that we have a dog! After our walk, we get ready to go to school and work.

We get Quincy ready to go for the day, which includes giving him lots of toys to play with, and also giving him his Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats, which he loves because they are just like treats. He has to take his vitamins every day just like me!

When Quincy is all set for the day, we put him in his doggy crate and then my mom and I head out. At around noon, my dad comes home for a while to take Quincy on a quick walk around the neighborhood. My dad says he loves it because, with his job, he doesn’t usually walk around a lot outside. He says it’s a nice break in his day. Having a dog has made all of us much more active than we were before.

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My dad usually gives Quincy another one of his favorite treats, a Milk-Bone biscuit for being so good in the morning while we’ve been gone. When I get home from school at around 4:00, I go outside and play fetch with Quincy. He could do this for hours; he loves it!

Quincy with Milk-Bone
How I love my Milk-Bones

When my mom and dad get home, we all eat dinner, including Quincy. After dinner, our whole family goes on another walk with Quincy. Before Quincy, we would never take walks. We would always talk about how we wanted to, but never would. Now that we have Quincy, we love taking our walks just as much as he does. It helps you get through the long day if you wake up with a fresh start and take a walk. Taking walks as a family is so fun. It’s a great way to spend time together.

Because we are still training Quincy, we use treats to reward him for doing his tricks. If he does all of his tricks like he is supposed to, he gets a Milk-Bone. He gets so excited that he takes it right to his doggie bed to eat it. He loves them so much!

We all are so much happier and healthier now that we have Quincy—he is the best. I don’t have any human siblings, but I love my puppy brother!

Full disclosure: Quincy got some Milk-Bone products for his human sister writing this story.

We would love to hear from you about how your dog has helped you to stay healthy and vice versa. We love dog tales.


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