The Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize is one of the hottest competitions in healthcare.  It is not only because there is $10 million in prize money (although it certainly does help), but also because of the prestige of the prize itself.  The XPRIZE Foundation is widely known from its $10 million competitions to develop private suborbital space flight and to create a “safe, affordable, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPG energy equivalent (MPGe) as well as its $30 million Google Lunar prize.  The Qualcomm Foundation focuses on helping “create and sustain educated, healthy, culturally vibrant communities in regions around the globe.”

There are 30 groups from around the world competing for the prize, including Scanadu – famous for raising $1.6 million on Indiegogo for its Scanadu Scout.  Another interesting group that I would like to introduce you to is Aezon comprised of very smart engineering undergraduates at Johns Hopkins.  They are currently fundraising on Indiegogo and, hopefully, we can help them give Scanadu a run for their money.  Click on the link below if you would like to hear the students tell their story and/or if you would like to show them your support by making a contribution to their Campaign (please do).

Patricia Salber MD, MBA (@docweighsin)
Patricia Salber, MD, MBA is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Doctor Weighs In. She is also a physician executive who has worked in all aspects of healthcare including practicing emergency physician, health plan executive, consultant to employers, CMS, and other organizations. She is a Board Certified Internist and Emergency Physician who loves to write about just about anything that has to do with healthcare.



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