By Patricia Salber

First Posted at on 3/10/2013

Pat Salber, MD, MBA, Host of The Doctor Weighs In & CEO, Health Tech Hatch
Pat Salber, MD, MBA, Host of The Doctor Weighs In & CEO, Health Tech Hatch

I had a chance to talk with three of Aetna’s physician leaders at HiMSS 13, Dr. Chuck Saunders, CEO, Emerging Businesses, Dr. Charles Kennedy, CEO, Accountable Care Solutions, and Dr. Wayne Guerra, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of iTriage.  There’s lot’s of exciting stuff going on in Aetna-land that you will want to learn about.

Chuck Saunders, CEO, Emerging Businesses

I have known Chuck Saunders, a former emergency physician, for many years – in fact since we were both “baby docs” at San Francisco General Hospital.  In the video below, Chuck explains  the three main foci of Healthagen, a new Aetna company that offers a suite of products that:

  • Helps physicians manage risk
  • Engages consumers as partners in their own health
  • Creates a stack of population health services

All of this is being done with the Triple Aim as the end game – better consumer experience, better outcomes, at a lower cost.

Aetna’s flagship assets Active Health Management, an analytics engine that identifies and helps close gaps in care, Medicity, a health information exchange company,  iTriage, a mobile consumer engagement tool, and Accountable Care Solutions, a company that helps providers be successful in this new model of care. Aetna also has a high-end healthcare innovations incubator that has to be the dream of healthcare entrepreneurs everywhere.

Listen as Chuck describes these various entities  and what Aetna hopes to accomplish as it rapidly moves away from being a traditional health insurer to a much more wide-ranging health care company:


Dr. Charles Kennedy, CEO Accountable Care Solutions from Aetna

Internist Dr. Charles Kennedy explains accountable care, Accountable Care Organizations and Accountable Care Solutions (ACS) in this next video.  ACS, he says, is changing traditional provider-payor relationships from a win-lose to a win-win by providing needed services to docs and hospitals collaborating in ACOs.  Watch to learn more:


Dr. Wayne Guerra, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Aetna’s iTriage

From founding to sale in a few short years – every entrepreneur’s dream – iTriage is Aetna’s consumer engagement platform.  You can enter in your symptoms into the app to determine the best place to get care, look at various healthcare facility choices most appropriate for your condition and for your health insurance benefits, make an appointment and even print out a map to get yourself there.  Enjoy this video as Dr. Guerra describes his company.

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Patricia Salber MD, MBA (@docweighsin)
Patricia Salber, MD, MBA is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Doctor Weighs In. She is also the CEO of Health Tech Hatch, the sister site of TDWI that helps innovators tell their stories to the world. She is also a physician executive who has worked in all aspects of healthcare including practicing emergency physician, health plan executive, consultant to employers, CMS, and other organizations. She is a Board Certified Internist and Emergency Physician who loves to write about just about anything that has to do with healthcare.


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