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We had a chance to create a Google Hangouts-On-Air with each of the parties in a newly formed three-way partnership. The partners include HealthXL-a matchmaker for young companies with mature strategics, the legendary Cleveland Clinic with its commitment to innovation in healthcare, and the innovative startup, HealthBeacon, maker of a smart sharps bin that tracks sharps disposal as a proxy for adherence with injectable medications.

These conversations were fascinating because they demonstrate that by developing a deep understanding of the needs, wants, and goals of each company, it can lead to a partnership that might not have happened absent the skills of the matchmaker.


The HealthXL perspective

In the first video, Brian Flatley, Lead Research Analyst at HealthXL, joined Pat Salber MD (@docweighsin) from Dublin, Ireland at “half-five” in the evening to talk about the company, its “Moonshots” program, and the role it played in forging the partnership between HealthBeacon and the Cleveland Clinic:


The HealthBeacon perspective

healthbeaconIn this video, Kieran Daly, CEO of HealthBeacon, shares his thoughts on his company’s partnership with Cleveland Clinic and HealthXL. HealthBeacon’s product is a “smart” sharps bin for the disposal of syringes and needles used to self-administer injectable drugs. Because there is a tight link between disposal of the sharps and self-administration of the medication, tracking when they are tossed into the bin serves as a good proxy for whether or not patients are taking their medications. Watch the video to learn more about the product and Kieran’s perspective on the three-way partnership:


The Cleveland Clinic perspective

Cleveland-Clinic-LogoIn this last video, Charles (Chip) Steiner, the Director of Product Development for the Cleveland Clinic, shares his views on the partnership with HealthXL and HealthBeacon. He says that HealthXL allows the Cleveland Clinic’s Innovation Initiative to engage with strategic partners around the globe, including company’s that provide ancillary services to the healthcare industry.

The partnership with HealthBeacon, makers of a smart Sharps bin that help increase compliance with injectable medications, fits into Cleveland Clinic’s interest in the extension of care into the home. Their solution combines the need for safe disposal of injectable objects with connectivity that extends the ability of caregivers to understand what is happening in the home.

Watch the video to learn more:



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