By Joan Justice

First Posted at HealthWorks Collective on 06/05/13

Joan Justice, Moderator, HealthWorks Collective
Joan Justice, Moderator, HealthWorks Collective

I thought it would be interesting to ask some serial healthcare entrepreneurs to talk about their experience launching start-ups.  I would ask them about their background and current situation and why they are so intrigued with the challenges of start-ups.

My first interview is with John Deutsch, current CEO of New Wave Enterprises, LLC, an Internet marketing and web development firm based in San Diego, CA. John oversees the rapid growth of the company by directing upper management and by developing strategic partnerships with other vendors.

John has worked in the development of four Electronic Medical Record/Patient Portal software solutions and was the co-founder of EMR Experts, an EMR software consulting firm which has helped hundreds of healthcare practices convert to an EMR solution.

Listen to John talk about his experience with Health IT Start-Ups:


Joan Justice
Joan Justice is Director of Special Projects at the Patient Empowerment Network, a global non-for-profit organization dedicated to fortifying the health care consumer with the knowledge and tools to feel more confident playing a central role in decisions that affect their health. Joan has a background in nursing and domestic and international healthcare marketing. Previously, she was the manager of HealthWorks Collective, the healthcare website in the Social Media Today network.


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