Siemens Hearing Aid
Siemens Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

The Health Innovation Media team (Pat Salber @docweighsin, Gregg Masters @2healthguru, and Tammy Tran @ttran06) met up with Eric Branda, Senior Manager of Product Management at Siemens Healthcare, at the January 2014 mega-event known as the International Consumer Electronic Show (#CES2014). We wanted to learn more about the award-winning mobile app they were showcasing this year, eponymously named the Siemens miniTek Remote App.


Siemens hearing aid

Siemens is very well-known in the healthcare arena. As a global leader in medical imaging, lab diagnostics, and healthcare information technology, they have a keen understanding of the entire patient care continuum—from prevention and early detection to diagnosis and treatment. And from that understanding, Siemens Healthcare created the miniTek Remote App along with the miniTek that works with the Siemens’ Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids. The miniTek acts as an automatic streamer and intuitive remote control which allows all of a person’s audio devices to sync simultaneously with the Behind-the-Ear hearing aids. But how?


Watch the video

Watch as Eric explains how this “hard of hearing app” allows you to control the hearing aid devices directly through your phone and/or tablet. It’s very cool.

Enjoy the video:



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