Yofi (יופי) is Hebrew for fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, great. And, according to Gad Shaanan, the CEO of YofiMeter, their new glucometer is just that. Not only does it have cassettes that hold 20 lancets and 20 testing strips, but they have also redesigned the lancet devices to eliminate vibration thus reducing the pain of the finger prick.

The device has a color touch screen and it is, in itself, a cellular device. Bluetooth is built in so that it can connect with other devices, like weight scales and blood pressure cuffs. So the device is really more than a glucometer, it is a data hub that collects the information patients with diabetes need to better manage their condition.

YofiMeters is in the process of applying for FDA approval. It is anticipated the product will be introduced into the market, in Europe first, in Q1 or Q2 of 2015.


This interview was filmed at the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) 2014 Convergence Summit in San Diego.



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