Glooko is a tool for people with diabetes that helps them put their glucose in context

When I was an endocrine fellow, in the early days of home glucose monitoring, patients used to bring me pages and pages filled with their glucose readings hoping I would be able to use the information to fine tune their diabetes. The problem was the numbers were not in any context. When were they taken? What was the relationship to their last dose of insulin? When was their last meal? And, what did they eat? Were they exercising just before? Were they having any symptoms of low blood glucose?  So, I thanked the patients for their diligence, but, of course, I never looked at the numbers again. How different things could have been if only my patients had had Glooko!


What is Glooko?

Glooko is a tool for people with diabetes that helps them put their glucose in context. The Glooko’s MeterSync device can upload glucose readings from more than 30 different types of glucometers into mobile devices. Patients can then use the Glooko app to contextualize the readings by adding lifestyle information that surrounds the time the glucose measurement was taken: what they ate, how many carbs they ingested, what medications they took, whether they were exercising. That way, both they and their care teams can understand what changes to make in order to optimize glucose control. The system is HIPAA compliant and FDA approved and, according to CEO Rick Altinger, it is loved by endocrinologists!

Here is how it works:

Glooko graphic

 Watch the video to learn more:



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