Today, in honor of #GivingTuesday, I interviewed MedShare’s Western Region Executive Director, Andy Pines, on my “The Doctor Weighs In on the Radio” show (please check out the podcast here).

As a member of the Western Regional Council of Medshare, I sincerely hope this post will inspire you to give to MedShare on this special day of giving by visiting, or by texting “MedShare” to 41444, or you can send your payment with the enclosed reply card and envelope.


About MedShare

For 15 years, MedShare has been the bridge between surplus and need through the efficient recovery of surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, manufacturers, and distributors and redistribution to local safety net clinics and hospitals in the developing world and in the U.S. MedShare, both a humanitarian and an environmental non-profit organization, was founded in Atlanta in 1998. MedShare is a non-profit (501c3) with offices in San Leandro, Cal, New York, and Atlanta.

MedShare sources essential, surplus medical supplies and equipment from U.S. hospitals, and using a unique ordering system, allows hospitals and clinics to request exactly what they need from an inventory of nearly 20,000 items. Each piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected by a biomedical engineer, who ensures that it is safe, functional and properly configured.

MedShare conservatively estimates the value of each container, which typically contains over 1,000 boxes of supplies and 25-35 pieces of equipment, to be at least $175,000.


Delivering the goods

Since its inception, MedShare has delivered over 1,000 forty-foot ocean containers of medical supplies and equipment to 96 countries and diverted over 2 million cubic feet from local landfills. Last year alone, MedShare shipped 128 containers to recipients in 28 different countries and equipped 107 U.S. safety net clinics.

In addition to its Container program, Medshare’s MedTeam Stores have supplied 454 medical mission teams with a broad range of supplies for their mission trips for a nominal donation. This allows those teams to more effectively deliver care in the countries they serve.


MedShare honors

Charity NavigatorMedShare has received numerous accolades for its success in fulfilling its mission and for the fiscal soundness of its operations. It has maintained Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for 8 consecutive years, placing MedShare in the top 1% of nonprofits rated by Charity Navigator.

The environmental impact of its work has been acknowledged with the 2012 Acterra Environmental Innovation Award. Earlier this year, MedShare was announced as one of 25 finalists, out of over 1,000 applicants, for’s 2014 Bay Area Impact Challenge specifically for the positive environmental impact it made in support of Bay Area safety net clinics. MedShare was also recognized as the #1 volunteer destination in the Bay Area when it received the 2014 Volunteer Choice Award in June 2014.


Giving Tuesday

MedShare is wholly dependent on charitable contributions to support our mission. As a donor, I can think of no more efficient investment. For each $25,000 contributed, MedShare can ship one life-altering container holding 1,000 boxes of medical supplies plus 20-30 pieces of equipment. As I noted above, a conservative valuation of the contents is $175,000. Thus, while some charities can say that most of each $1 donated goes directly to aid, MedShare can truly say that $7 of aid is delivered for each $1 donated.

MedShare needs your help to continue their work and to help more people! Will you make an end of year gift to MedShare? A gift of $500 would pay for 20 boxes of lifesaving supplies, $1,000 would pay for 40 boxes, and a gift of $25,000 would pay for an entire container.

During this season of generosity, please support MedShare by making your tax-deductible contribution before December 30, 2014. You may contribute online by visiting, or by texting “MedShare” to 41444, or you can send your payment with the enclosed reply card and envelope.


Watch the video to learn more about this terrific organization:



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