GAIN Fitness Puts a Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

Gain Fitness' motto is You Deserve a Personal Trainer and they have set out to make it easy for you to get one.

Nicholas Gammell, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of GAIN Fitness believes everyone should have a personal trainer. He is a former varsity football player at Carnegie Mellon. After college, he joined Deloitte consulting for a couple of years before joining Google and You Tube for three more. Interestingly, he is also a certified personal trainer—that’s new, he says.

GAIN Fitness was launched in 2011 as a digital personal trainer solution. They launched on the web, but quickly switched to mobile. Since that time they have published 13 apps that are available in the app store, including apps focused on yoga, pilates, cross fitness and more. According to Nicholas, the GAIN Fitness Digital Fitness Cross Trainer app has been downloaded over 1 million times and more than 7 million workouts have been generated.

The apps provide a self-guided approach to working out and include algorithm based workouts with customization for your particular goals and equipment, guidance and voice cues, data tracking, schedules and alerts, and, of course, social sharing (“Hey Guys, I just did 50 step ups!”).

The GAIN Fitness team knows that fitness engagement is hard (I think we can all agree with that, Nicholas!). So to prepare for their next iteration, the team interviewed 70 personal trainers in 10 cities around the country. They combined those insights with what they have learned from their consumer app marketing experience to help shape their new platform that will be released this summer. Nicholas couldn’t tell us much about the new platform, but it will involve wearables for sure.


Watch the Video

It was filmed at the June 2014 Silicon Valley Health 2.0 Meetup. To learn more about GAIN Fitness, watch the video.




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