Flow Health‘s vision is a patient-centered information exchange. Their product, what they call “The Operating System For Value-Based Care,” is a secure platform that allows patients, providers and health plans access to the patient’s complete medical record.

The shared data is available through smartphone and web-based applications for providers and patients and through its API. Better yet, according to the Flow Health website, “it’s free and always will be.”


Patient Check-In

I caught up with Alex Meshkin, Founder and CEO of Flow Health at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual conference in Santa Clara, California where he demo-ed their new Patient Check-In application at the conference’s Launch! event.

Repeatedly providing the same information at each new provider visit is one of the more antiquated and annoying aspects of the U.S. “non-system” of healthcare. According to Robert Rowley, MD, Co-Founder of Flow Health (and former CMO of Practice Fusion,

“The number one complaint people have about going to the doctor is filling out the same forms and dealing with information gaps between their doctors. We solve this problem by creating the single source of truth for patient health information. We give providers access to this shared data through our mobile apps, through their EHR or by integrating with our API.”

Flow Health pt check-inUsing the Patient Check-In app, patients provide the reason for the visit, and update insurance information, emergency contacts, medical history, medications and family medical history. The app then incorporates any new or changed information into the provider’s EHR, thus eliminating the manual entry of paper-based intake forms by the front office staff and the redundant information doctors must enter to create a chart note or clinical documentation.

According to the company, unlike online patient check-in offered by some EHRs or other digital check-in solutions, Flow Health Patient Check-In is <“em>completely patient-centered so all entered information is available to the patient’s connected care team, wherever located, and to the patient herself.” With Patient Check-In, consumers never have to answer the same question twice.

Flow Health lifts the vast majority of the EHR documentation burden off of the physician’s shoulders,” said Dr. Rowley, “This improves the patient experience and gives doctors the opportunity to have more meaningful interactions with their patients during their appointments.”


Watch the video:

Watch the video to hear Alex describe what’s going on at Flow Health in more detail, including the fact that the company is getting traction in “a national deal with one of the largest plans in the nation.”


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