Flexible Electronics: MC10 Paves the Way for a New Breed of Sensors

According to the MC10 website, the company “extends human capability through virtually invisible and conformal electronics.” What??

My translation is that they are making sensors that can be used in healthcare to detect all sorts of important information. These stretchable and flexible electronics can be embedded in clear band-aids and applied to the skin anywhere you want. They are like removable tattoos. These types of electronics are sure to replace some of the wearable sensors currently on the market because you can apply it and forget it and not have to remember to put on a bracelet, pendant, or other device.

MC10 sensorAnd by the way, the MC10 “tattoos are as beautiful as they are practical.” When they hit the market next year, the possibilities are limitless. They can be used to monitor baby’s temperatures, check a runner’s heart rate, or check the hydration status of soldiers in a desert battlefield. One interesting application of MC10’s flexible electronics is already on the market – the Reebock Checklight.


Reebock Checklight

I had a chance to chat with former NFL football player, Isaiah Kacyvenski, Director of Sports Segment of MC10 at the 2014 Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco. He explained what MC10 is up to and he introduced us to a product coming out of his Segment, the Reebock Checklight – a skullcap with MC10 electronics embedded that is worn under a football helmet to capture head impact data during play. As Isaiah says, “I don’t care what happens to the helmet, I care about what happens to the head.”


Watch to Learn More:

Watch the video to learn more about this fascinating company.




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