My First CES Experience

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CES was the most mind-blowing, must-be-at event with new announcements from companies—big, small, domestic, and international—everywhere


Happy New Years everyone!  I hope your start of the year was as fun as mine.

I kicked off the year with my first ever CES event. And let me tell you, it was the most mind-blowing, walk-til-you-drop event I’ve ever attended. My team and I (featured in the photo below) went from booths to conferences to award shows to fashion shows…well basically the whole shebang.

Health Innovation Media Team (from left to right: Helena Nguyen, Patricia Salber, Tammy Tran, Gregg Masters)

For those of you who don’t know, CES, Consumer Electronics Show, is hosted every year in Las Vegas by the Consumer Electronics Association, or CEA. Numerous electronic companies, big and small, gather to present their newest products for the year. Here are some of the cool product announcements I saw showcased at CES 2014:



Left and Right: 85" Bendable TV; Middle: 105" UHD Curved TV
Left and Right: 85″ Bendable UHD TV; Middle: 105″ UHD Curved TV

At the Samsung Press conference, I saw the world’s first and largest curved UHD TV. This 105” curved UHD TV was simply amazing with its 11 million pixels and auto depth enhancer giving a 3D effect without the glasses!! And that’s not all. Their Bendable TV, a 85” UHD, with a click of a button, allows the user to turn this curved TV to a flat one. That way you’ll be able to experience your movies and shows in both a theater-like setting and a normal setting.  How awesome is that?!

Now in the Samsung booth, along with their tablets, TVs, gears, and cameras, what caught my eye the most was Samsung’s collaboration with KidRobot. It seems like Samsung has decided to team up with KidRobot artists to create customized Galaxy devices. Check out some of these wild critters.

Samsungxkidrobot design3
Samsung x KidRobot customizable design for Galaxy devices


Evena Medical

Evena Eyes-On Glasses
Evena Eyes-On Glasses

Another eye-catcher was the Evena Eyes-On Glasses from Evena Medical.  These glasses provide imaging technology that allows users to see “through” a patient’s skin to the vasculature beneath it. In other words, with these glasses, the locations of the veins are visible and easier to access. No longer will nurses or doctors have to hassle with hard-to-locate veins and no longer will the patient feel more pain. With this technology, access to the vascular system will be quicker, easier, and more efficient.



LUNA, a deeper, gentler cleansing product
LUNA, a deeper, gentler cleansing product

Last, but not least, is Foreo’s two new products, LUNA and ISSA Range. LUNA is a skincare product that promises all-round cleaner, fresher, and more radiant skin with its T-Sonic pulsations. These pulsations, channeled through silicone touch-points, give you a deeper, gentler cleansing by removing dead skin cells, cleansing pores of dirt, oil and makeup residue, and improving the absorption of your skincare products. And the best part, these silicone touch-points are more hygienic than standard brushes and easier to clean—just rinse and you’re done!

ISSA Range, eletronic toothbrush with silicone bristles
ISSA Range, silicone eletronic toothbrush

ISSA, like the LUNA, has a silicone design but its purposes are reserved for dental care. That’s right! Foreo is bringing innovations to dental care by providing the first electric toothbrush with silicone bristles. The ISSA is even built with smart features for the user’s convenience. It’ll be able to tell if you’ve met the brush twice a day rule and even if you’re cheating. So if you’re thinking you can trick this device, think again.

With so much to see and do, I definitely hope to come back again. It is most definitely the best way to start the 2014 year.


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