My Doctor and Me ABC
Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox, a doctor, a mom, an author and a Hawkeye fan1

Third generation Family Doc, Stephanie Cox, knows what she is talking about when she writes a book for children about going to the doctor!


You gotta love twitter. It makes it so easy to learn about things you might not have otherwise have heard about. A week or so ago, a tweet appeared in my feed by @StephanieCoxMD promoting her new book:  “My Doctor and Me ABC.”

My Doctor and Me ABCDr. Cox is a third generation Family Physician who has taken care of a lot of kids. She is also a Mom of three. So I would say she definitely has the credentials to write a book for kids about what to expect when going for a doctor’s visit. So I tweeted her back and a week later got a copy of her book in the mail…just in time for my family’s Thanksgiving visit.

We (granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and son (a doctor)) all read and loved this fun and clever little book charmingly illustrated by Emily Burger.

Here are some sample pages:


20141128_100336 2L is for lungs, we hope you don’t wheeze,

Keep them both healthy by not smoking, please.


Q is for questions, you can bet we’ll ask many,

To find out about you and your family…even your Granny!


It ends with a number….

Z is for zero, the number of times we hope you are sick,

But when you don’t feel well, come see us quick!


If you are a parent or grandparent and a physician’s visit with a young’un is in the near future, click on over to Amazon and buy your little guy or gal a copy of My Doctor and Me ABC. It’s a great way to prepare for a trip to doctor.



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