Ok, this blog post might manage to offend everyone, but that is ok, because it’s gonna be fun.

So, I got a notification from Quora that I should check out the answers to a question that was posted on their site. Quora, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is one of the more entertaining social networking sites around. People post questions and folks in the Quora community provide answers. Sometimes, you get really, really interesting questions like this one:

“How are atheists able to live with themselves after seeing people being healed in churches like in the following videos? Can they claim this is not spiritual?”


The medical miracle videos

Want more? Check this one out:


The witty retorts

As always, witty retorts are the highlight of any social media post…here’s a sampling of some of my favorites:

From an atheist:

“Show me a YouTube video of a man with no legs being prayed for, legs appearing, him walking out of the church – and I swear to you I will shoot myself in the head.” 

As if that was not enough, he goes on to say,

“Then you can video my healing and resurrection; tack on clips of me regularly attending your church; an interview publicly announcing a once stupid-ignorant-close-minded-dead-arrogant-atheist-fool is now fully cured. Show that to all the other stupid-ignorant-close-minded-arrogant-atheist-fools in the world and I swear we can get them all to shoot themselves in the head.”

He closes with this (great retort):

Raise them from the dead. Call the video “The Healing of the 5,000” – upload – watch it go viral…

Another commenter, noting that the two conditions “cured” were relatively minor (probable arthritis and internet porn addiction) asks:

“Can god only do the easy stuff like the temporary relief of arthritis and porn addictions? Not very godly.”

Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua, is a Christian minister, televangelist and faith healer (per Wikipedia)
Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T.B. Joshua, is a Christian minister, televangelist and faith healer (per Wikipedia)

A self-proclaimed Charismatic minister, T.B. Joshua, sounding like a doctor, says

“I have seen, literally, thousands of healings. I have personally seen Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Reinhardt Bonke and TB Joshua and many more doing healings. THEY NEVER LAST. As a minister, one of our greatest frustrations was that people would head off to these miracle services, chuck away their glasses, their insulin, their wheelchairs, and lo and behold a few (hours, days, weeks) later, they would be right back on the insulin, the glasses, the wheelchairs. I have personally never seen a single physically observable healing. Yes, we have had the ‘one short leg one long leg’ thing, but a few days later, the healed person is wearing the built-up shoe again. I have never once seen a child with a missing leg, a missing eye, a damaged brain, a skin disease, a deformity, healed. I have not even seen a regrown molar. Ever. If there is any value to be had from this whole spiritual healing booha, it is basically showing us that the placebo effect is a very real medical modality, and should be investigated further.”

A guy named Eric observes:

“I think this is very spiritual. It is the Holy Trinity of fraud, suffering, and money, the same wonderful combination that led to Mother Theresa’s getting the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Someone calling himself Gaytheist comments,

“See, the problem with testimonials is that they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. I can find a person to testify that my shit is tasty. There are testimonials attesting to the power of alkaline water and homeopathic medicine. There are testimonials that claim that aliens have anal-probed this person and that person. There are “reliable” sightings of the Loch Ness Monster and of the Yeti.”

Mani says:

If faith healers were demonstrably, consistently, reliably effective…then hospitals would be staffed with them. [Good point, Mani!]

And finally,

“After watching these videos, atheists will be even more happier due to the fact that they are atheists.”

Of course, I had to add my two cents:

“These videos appear to be infomercials for Jesus Christ, Inc. There’s lot’s of money to be made ‘healing the sick’ – Atheist, Christian, or whatever…would you buy what this guy is selling?”

If you still have the stomach for more, here is the link to the Quora conversation.


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