By Jaan Sidorov

First Posted at Disease Management Care Blog on 11/7/2012

Jaan Sidorov, host of Disease Management Care Blog

The Disease Management Care Blog spent a better part of the day on the Pennsylvania Turnpike scanning the radio dial for insights on yesterday’s national elections. As the DMCB understands it, we’ve gone from a Democratic Prez, a U.S. House Republican majority and a U.S. Senate Democratic majority to a Democratic Prez, a U.S. House Republican majority and a U.S. Senate Democratic majority.

Among the lessons:

(Re)Electing a President has parallels to the experience of losing your virginity: after a lot of anticipation and excitement, what’s left is a dawning realization: “Is that all there is to it?”

If God truly loved national Republican politicians, She would strike any who publicly utter the word “rape” with a thunderbolt.

Job One for the Republican Party: figuring out which Mitt lost.

The race for the 2016 Presidential election is underway and first up for the Dems: heir-apparent Joe Biden!

It’s times like this that the DMCB turns to song for inspiration, and who better than the Queen of Rock and Roll? Congratulations to all the politicians on your election, says Ms. Turner, but like many a constituent, she’s had enough of false promises and lies. ”You Better Be Good To Me.”

Jaan Sidorov, MD
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