Dike Drummond

Dike Drummond MD is an expert in the treatment and prevention of burnout in physicians and other healthcare leaders.  Dr. Drummond is a Mayo trained family practice doctor, entrepreneur, experienced executive coach, speaker,  author and trainer.

Dr. Drummond is the creator of

The Satisfaction Mind Flip Free Report

The 1 Minute Stress Relief Program

The Live Beat Burnout Workshop

The Trailblazer Physician Coaching Program

And CEO of TheHappyMD.com

Dr. Drummond is a frequent contributor to KevinMD.com, TheDoctorWeighsIn.com, HealthworksCollective.com and HuffingtonPost.com.

You can find his home blog at this link TheHappyMD.com/blog

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Dike creates high impact learning experiences via One on One and Group Coaching, Live Speaking and Workshop Experiences and Online Video Education Programs in the following areas

Stress management and burnout prevention
With physician burnout rates averaging 1 in  3 on any given office day, this is the number one challenge to the quality of life for doctors and the quality of care for our patients. Research proven burnout prevention tools exist. It is high time to put them into the hands of the people who need them most … front line providers, like you.

Leadership development both for office team leaders and physician executives
Leadership skills are a huge black hole in the standard medical education process. With simple skills such as asking high quality questions, you can learn to lead your teams and reach whole new levels of efficiency and satisfaction with your career.

Disruptive physician intervention
If you have a partner who is a good doctor and is persistently disruptive, our proven intervention services can give them one last compassionate chance with an 80% success rate.

Physician executive on-boarding
The first 90 days of a new executive’s tenure are critical. Our support services ensure a smooth integration and immediate effectiveness.

Mindfulness in the healthcare workplace
Be completely present in your work days for more impact, effectiveness and enjoyment in your practice. This training is for doctors and staff and produces positive changes throughout your life.

Coaching skills for healthcare leaders
Get more done in less time and have more fun. Move from inefficient top-down leadership style installed by default in our medical education to become a true collaborative leader, leveraging the skills and experience of your entire team.