Disney creates exceptional guest service experiences through successful delivery systems. To ensure everyone receives the same experience, Disney scripts everything from the moment a guest drives onto their property until they leave the Disney gates.

In fact, Disney uses three delivery systems that each focuses on providing safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. These three systems are integrated to ensure exceptional guest experiences are delivered at each step in the guests’ journey:

  • Cast (aka employees)
  • Setting (the environment where service is delivered)
  • Process (actions, changes, or functions to produce a result)

So how can you leverage the same mindset to deliver positive wait time experiences? The first step is to realize that you can significantly improve and deliver a positive waiting experience.

Consider scripting the intended patient experience and then establish processes your employees can execute to sustain that experience. Here are a few you may want to include:

•  Deliver effective communications

No one enjoys waiting. Set realistic expectations and alleviate anxiety by letting patients know in advance about potentially lengthy wait times. Communicate this, and any other pertinent information, to the patient before they arrive by using text messages, sending emails, or making a simple phone call.

•  Provide respectful interactions

Treat patients with dignity. Consider saying, “I’m sorry,” when appropriate, to show that you care and value their time. Better yet, offering patients a $5 coffee gift card will go a long way in demonstrating genuine care.

•  Offer soothing amenities

Waiting rooms don’t need to be sterile. Consider adding a calming fountain or playing soft jazz music in the background. Add a couple of charging stations so patients can use and/or charge their mobile devices while they wait. Provide other personal distractions such as a beverage station, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and/or a wide array of diversified and current publications.

•  Create comfortable surroundings

Select waiting room furniture that you’d be comfortable sitting on for at least 30 minutes. Use the right lighting, colors, and unique touches to put your patients at ease. Industrial colors and décor do nothing to create a peaceful environment. You don’t have to spend a fortune. You simply need to be thoughtful in your selection.

Disney adopted a scientific approach to providing exceptional customer experiences. Provide exceptional wait time experiences, by evaluating your current wait times and surveying your patients for immediate feedback. Then you can lead your team to establish the intended patient experience by creating processes that enable waiting to positively influence patient intent to return and refer.

This post is part 2 of Disney’s method towards customer experience. Click here for part 1.


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