by Bonnie Feldman

First posted on Dr. Bonnie 360 11/5/2013

Presented @ StrataRx Conference 2013 

Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA
As principal of DrBonnie360, Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA brings a unique triple lens to her consulting, speaking, and writing. She combines her expertise as an entrepreneurial dentist, a Wall Street analyst, and a digital health consultant to always ask the questions of how new digital tools and data can help each of us. She interviewed more than 200 digital health companies and attended over 60 meetings. DrBonnie360 is an invited speaker for SXSW, Stanford Medicine X, Bio-IT, Data to Drugs to Diagnostics, StrataRx, Games for Health, the Center for Connected Health, the NY eCollaborative Digital Health Summit, the mHealth Summit, and Ideas LA. Her work is featured in Medium, O’Reilly Strata, Greatist, Forbes and The Doctor Weighs In. DrBonnie360’s recent multimedia work spotlights, “The Invisible Epidemic of Autoimmune Disease,” “The Lonely Voices of Autoimmune Disease,” and “Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss Through New Discoveries.” Using company interviews, extensive scientific literature reviews, and an analysis of the conventional and integrative care landscape, DrBonnie360 uncovers a large and growing need in the autoimmune community. She is working with forward-thinking companies to apply new data and digital tools to reshape research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of autoimmune disease. She welcomes collaborative partners in this initiative.


  1. No matter what app you have, it still depends on the PCP. I think that I have a good one now. e.g. I had strep from May to October-the hospitalist released me without antibiotics. I kept telling them that I need a script. Then I had a hard time getting someone to run a strep test. It was hot, but the antibiotic wasn’t strong enough. October I got a new PCP, he ran a strep test-it was positive again. I kept changing tooth brushes, washed my glasses. I’m finally over it- I’m one of those that doesn’t have the temp rise.
    It cost at least $10,000+ for a $200 problem. I see the urologist next week. It just made me so tired and my body so weak-I’m 71.


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