US heat index map all red
Weather Map of US 4th of July at 2:30 pm central

Well, I did notice that Mother Nature was able to accomplish something this 4th of July that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has not yet been able to do, that is, to turn almost all of the states Red. Please note Her success was limited on the Left Coast and the extreme Northeast. Still, it is orange in those dens of socialism, without even a hint of blue.

I am in Iowa–Cedar Rapids to be exact, at the East Iowa Airport (EIA).  My husband and I are trying to go back to blissfully cool and foggy San Francisco after a sizzling week in Iowa City visiting Granddaughter and her parents. It was (and is) hot, hot, hot here.

We heard that some clever lady in New Jersey baked cookies on the dashboard of her car (just why is it that anyone would want to do that?). You couldn’t be outside for more than 10 minutes without sweating like a pig and wilting like last week’s lettuce. This has been the hottest week on record for Iowa City–and everyone is talking about Climate Change except, of course those who don’t believe in it. I am not sure what they are saying, it has been pretty quiet on that front recently–they are probably too hot to talk.

Anyway, we got to the airport about an hour before our flight only to learn that, on this quiet air travel day, our flight from Cedar Rapids to Denver was delayed–the only one that’s delayed today. So, we’re chillin’, the best we can, in the United Airlines (UAL) waiting area where it is, I think, about 80 degrees. UAL, as is their annoying custom, keeps announcing further delays. So I have been breathing deeply and thinking kind thoughts and using the time to pay my bills, power through my email (even some of those towards the bottom of the list). And now, still with time on my hands, I have resorted to blogging.


Why I am proud to be an American

Since it is the 4th, I am going to do a patriotic piece with some blah blah blah about things that make me proud and happy to be an American in the US of A. My family came to the US from Switzerland not too long after the Mayflower landed. They were Mennonites and as best as I can determine immigrated to America to seek religious freedom. They started in Pennsylvania and gradually drifted west over many generations until my Father’s Father set down roots in California. I was born in Northern California and have spent all of my life there except for a few years in another Hot Red area, Houston, Texas.

I love that I had the chance to go to college on Federally-financed student loans. And that I was able to go to Medical School because the women of the Women’s Movement of the 70s “kicked butt and took no prisoners.” I have been able to travel the world feeling safe (and privileged) almost everywhere, except Peshawar, Pakistan in the 80s (I think the problem then had more to do with me being a woman than being a Westerner). My kids and my kids’ kids have been able to get good educations (some in public and some in private school). By and large, we feel safe where we live and despite the recession and prolonged stagnation of the economy, I am hopeful about the future.

I am glad that our democratic process works pretty well although I am very worried about the impact of the Citizens’ United decision and the super influence of the superPACs. I love it that John Roberts voted to uphold the ACA and we may, at long last, offer some of the benefits of being an American to folks who have been buried alive by health bills because of our prior failure to implement universal coverage. I am hopeful about the upcoming election because I see people, ordinary folks, gearing up to make their voice heard despite attempts from some misguided folks to disenfranchise certain types of voters.

My hope is, we will all take a few minutes on our Nation’s Birthday to wish Her the best. And, to resolve to do what we can to ensure that our America is an America for all.

Happy Birthday, US of A.  Many Happy Returns.



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