Randy Parker, CEO of MDLive

“I think you are disruptive and I think you are the future” -Pat Salber


On Tuesday, January 7th, we started our day at CES 2014 running around from interview to interview. You can’t imagine just how exhausted we were running from one location to the next; if you can, you know just how insane it was to run from the Las Vegas Hotel to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall to the South Hall’s Press Room and then to South Hall 2. And to top it all off, the numbering system of the booths were not all that obvious and clear. But despite all these complications, we filmed one of our most interesting interviews with Randy Parker, CEO of MDLive, an on-demand telehealth company that provides patients with remote access via video, phone, and secure email to board certified doctors and licensed therapists.

Pat (right) prepping Randy (left) while Gregg (bottom right) is setting up
Pat (right) prepping Randy (left) while Gregg (bottom right) is setting up

We arrived at Booth 26325 in the LVCC South Hall 2 and met with Randy after passing him a couple of times trying to find him. But when we did locate him, we immediately started setting up for the interview. As Gregg Masters and Helena Nguyen were setting up the equipment, Dr. Pat Salber began prepping Randy for the interview.


Watch the Video

Watch and listen to what Randy and his company, MDLive, are aiming to do in healthcare. Tell us if you agree with Dr. Salber’s statement to Randy: “I think you are disruptive and I think you are the future…” We’d absolutely love to hear your opinion for we love what MDLive is doing and can’t wait to see how this will shake our healthcare system today.


More on Randy Parker (from his LinkedIn)…

Randy Parker possesses over 30 years of experience with extensive relationships in Healthcare, Social Media, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail. He has built and sold several companies reaching annual sales of hundreds of millions of dollars and is an active private equity investor.

Mr. Parker is currently President , CEO and Founder of MDLIVE, a national leader in Tele-health products and services.

Mr. Parker has been the founder and served as the CEO of several other companies including Entertainment Resource, one of the largest value added distribution and merchandising companies of entertainment software in the country. From 2001 through 2005 he guided the company through a period of over 100% compounded annual growth in revenue and EBITA, several recapitalizations to support its growth prospects and ultimately through a 20X cash on cash exit for its investors through a sale of the company in 2005. Additionally, Mr. Parker served as CEO of FlexPlay Technologies, trademark for a DVD-compatible optical video disc format with a time-limited (usually 48-hour) playback time. Also served as CEO of Clear-Vu Products, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative plastic accessories and packaging, and Video Tape Source, Inc., the nation’s largest liquidator of entertainment software.

Mr. Parker received a degree in Business and Public Administration from New York University.



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