By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

First posted on 1/16/2014

This is year three of the last four that I’ve ventured into that sea of humanity which descends upon Las Vegas in the first month of the new year. The health innovation media team conducted a series of in-depth interviews as well as booth and man/woman on the floor short takes this year. Below is a sample of that experience. While our emphasis is on health innovation from idea to business model, we cast a fairly broad net this year based on the whims of our principal host Dr. Pat Salber.

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The list of interviewees is long though a partial list in no particular order includes the following thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the space:

Daniel Kraft, MDReed Tuckson, MDRob NailRobin RaskinJames Mault, MDRandy ParkerSamir Damani, MD, Randy Ullrich, David Yeh, Patrick Charlton and many others.

We’ll begin posting the individual interviews beginning this Monday, January 20th 2014.

Please check back often for the full flavor of this exciting annual event.




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