Dance Dance Revolution to revolutionize elementary PE classes by teaching children the value of being active

What an amazing experience it has been going to CES 2014. So many innovative and brilliant minds coming together to show the world what plans they have in store for the future. And it looks like it is going to be a year filled with curved televisions, wearable technologies, and smart glasses.

DDR Classroom Edition
DDR Classroom Edition

Aside from those things, there were also a lot of exciting innovations targeted to help with the growing obesity problem. I saw something that I hadn’t seen for about 10 years—a DDR pad. I’m sure everyone knows what DDR is, but for those who don’t, DDR is a game, called Dance Dance Revolution, where you are given a pad to step on, and you have to stomp on the arrows of the pad to match with the moving arrows on the screen.

I’m already intrigued when I see it. Why would they have this game at CES? I found out that it is intended for children to use in their PE classes. This helps us target the problem from the beginning. We need to teach our children the value of being active. DDR Classroom Edition is intended to do just that.

According to the CDC, child obesity has doubled over the past 30 years. This is a growing problem that is affecting our society. There are too many processed and unhealthy foods that are dominating the food industry. There are too many games that consume our children with entertainment at the tip of their hands, which creates a sedentary lifestyle. These dangerous combinations are making our children obese.

DDR Classroom Edition is fun and appeals to all ages. It uses current songs that children like and is a fun way to exercise. There are some modifications to the original game that accommodates classrooms. All the pads are wireless, so you can fit up to 48 pads in one room. The screen has three different options on it—beginner, intermediate and expert. The children get to choose which level they want. Every child’s progress is recorded so the teachers and parents can track how their child is doing. It really is a cool evolution of this popular game.


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