young girl flossing teeth

Water Flossing is a Great Alternative for Floss Haters

Eighteen percent of people would rather wash dishes and 14% would rather clean toilets than floss. Water flossing offers a more palatable alternative for flossing-haters.
Exposure to Dogs Helps Allergies

Man’s Best Friend is the Key to Beating Allergies and Asthma

Exposure to furry pets, such as dogs and cats, early in life increases particular gut microbes that are associated with lower risks of allergies and asthma.

7 Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them

The most important question to ask yourself is if you like the trainer & whether she is meeting your specific requirements. Physical fitness is hard but should also be enjoyable.
Climber rock climbing

This Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Didn’t Stop Her from Climbing

How determination and continuous glucose monitoring keep me climbing mountains after a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.
Aging adults practicing Tai Chi

Why Every Aging Adult Should Learn the Discipline of Tai Chi

Falls in the elderly are common and can result in injuries and fear of falling. Tai Chi may be helpful in preventing them.
old man eating donut

5 Reasons Patients Ignore Doctors’ Eating and Fitness Advice

Why do these patients continue to sabotage themselves? Here are five clinical explanations.
service dogs autistic boy autism

Trained Service Dogs May Be the Key to Helping Children with Autism

With its unconditional love and inherent patience, an autism service dog can lend far more support than any particular person or parent can offer by themselves.
fitness devices health workout

Even with New Devices, Diet and Activity are Key to Long-Term Weight Loss

People fighting obesity often look for treatments that will quickly help them lose weight. Lately, an increasing number are achieving that goal by having...
smart home tech aging elderly

Smart Home Tech That Will Make Life Better for the Elderly

Smart home tech devices, such as smart thermostats, lights, doorbells, and monitors, can make life safer and easier for today's seniors and can help them age in place.