Yan Chow @ HIMSS 2014

Yan Chow MD has a most interesting job.  He is the Director of Information and Advanced Technology for Kaiser Permanente Northern California.  In that role, he has had a chance to review a wide variety of innovations – ranging from early stage (e.g., a prototype held together with duct tape built in the proverbial garage) to later stage, much closer to seeing the light of day.  He sees innovations developed within Kaiser Permanente and innovations developed outside of the organization.

In fact, the Innovation and Advanced Technology group has looked at approximately 2000 companies and done deep dives on 300 to 400 of them.  So far, 10 of them have gone into production at Kaiser Permanente.

To learn more about Yan and his work at Kaiser Permanente, take a look at this video interview filmed in February 2014 at the annual HiMSS meeting in Orlando, Florida.  Innovators – be sure to watch to the very end for some good advice from Dr. Chow.




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