I caught up with Drew Schiller, Co-Founder and CTO of Validic, at the 2015 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, California. Validic, a company known to digital health entrepreneurs everywhere, enables the transfer of patient-generated digital data from a variety of devices (digital health apps, wearables, in-home medical devices) so that developers can incorporate that data into their solutions (apps and platforms). After standardizing and normalizing the data, Validic can then provide one connection, from a variety of different data sources, to different stakeholders in the healthcare system.


The digital health connector

Drew says digital health companies, such as hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, population health management companies, wellness companies and more, “look to Validic to bring in data from glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, wearable trackers—basically anything patients use to collect health data outside of the four walls of the healthcare system.”

Validic Ecosystem

All the data that flows through Validic is patient-permissioned. Drew says, “It is a patient saying I would like my data from this particular device to go to this particular health care or wellness company.” When the patient uses the device, they are messaged that their provider or plan wants to share the data and asks if they would give their permission. Validic operates behind the scenes, like “Intel inside.” The patient’s relationship is with the healthcare company and the device manufacturer.

Validic is a FDA listed Class 1 medical device system. Drew notes that “we ensure that the data that comes into our system is the same exact data that is delivered.” They are also a fully compliant HIPAA covered entity. “We are very, very concerned about the security of the data and we want to ensure that just the data the patients wants moved is moved and it is only to the right place.”

Validic now has more than 150 customers. They are deployed in over 47 countries to 160 million lives. This is fantastic growth since the last time we talked at the 2014 Health 2.0 (Click here for a link to that video).


What’s next

When I asked what’s next for Validic, Drew responded by saying they have their hands full right now because of the explosion of the digital health industry, including the entry of some of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, like Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, with their new devices. “The industry,” he said, “is seeing, by some estimates, a 50% compounded annual growth rate in the number of apps and devices available for consumers. So that alone is way more than we can manage to keep on top of; that is our core focus.”

In terms of what’s new, he said, “we have amazing new partnerships, including customer relationships with Cerner and Meditech Wear. They bring in our data and provide data for everyday care of patients.” They are also partnering with CRO vendor, Medidata, for use in clinical trials.

Drew notes Validic could potentially empower a variety of solutions because they are a platform that transfers data. An example is their partnership with John Hancock Life Insurance to use wearable data from their system via a partner, the Vitality Group, to remotely determine if a member is healthy of not. The insurer uses the data to automatically adjust premiums.

This is the brave new world of data-powered living.


Watch the interview to learn more:


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