I had a chance to chat with Samir Damani, MD, PharmD, FACC at CES 2014 (is that enough letters for you?). Samir is a Southern California cardiologist with a passion for helping people get fit, really fit.  He was already using sensor data from heart rate monitors and exercise data from devices like Fitbit in his practice, but he wanted to go beyond that by developing a platform that can accept data from a variety of sources and present it to consumers, coaches and health care professionals so they can understand it and, more importantly, use it to drive meaningful improvements in health, such as reduced visceral fat and more optimal VO2 (a measure of cardiorespiratory fitness).

This led to the development of the fitness platform, RevUp!.  RevUp! is designed for companies to help their employees, as well as anyone else utilizing the platform, achieve better health.  The platform was piloted at Sharp Healthcare in San Diego.

At CES, where we met up with Samir, his company, MD Revolution, was introducing the platform.  He showed us how it can help individuals aggregate their health data, from self-report, scanned healthcare reports, and sensors so that they can exercise better and eat healthier, amongst other health activities.

But why am I going on and on when you can listen to Dr. Damani explain it himself, enjoy:

Dr. Damani’s bio (from the MD Revolution website):

Dr. Damani has been a “change agent” in health care because of his emphasis on more individualized approaches to therapy based on the patient’s genetics, family history, lifestyle, and life goals. In addition to receiving Masters in Clinical Investigation from The Scripps Research Institute, he is one of the nation’s few physicians with a Doctorate in Pharmacy.He recently directed a National Institutes of Health study on biomarkers of heart attack. This and current work has resulted in several patent applications and spawned collaborations between numerous academic and commercial enterprises including Johnson & Johnson, Scripps Health, among others.

He has written over 40 articles and editorial contributions as well as 3 book chapters on topics related to personalized medicine. He has served as a scientific advisor for the prominent journal – Science Translational Medicine, and continues to serve as a reviewer for Nature Genetics, Annals of Internal Medicine, American Journal of Cardiology, and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.In addition to serving as CEO of MD Revolution, Inc., Dr. Damani serves as a Voluntary Clinical Instructor in the Department of Family & Preventive Medicine for the UC San Diego medical school, and is a practicing cardiologist for Scripps Clinic – a top 50 ranked heart hospital by US News and World Report.


  1. Addendum: As a part of my research on MD Revolution, I signed up yesterday for Rev Up. Today – to my surprise and delight – I received an email from Marion who introduced herself as my NP. She said I will be receiving feedback from a Nutritionist on Wednesdays and a Metabolic Specialist on Fridays! Wow. That is impressive. I better see if I can find my Fitbit charger and get it synched up with Rev Up!


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