Capsule Neuron 2
Capsule Neuron 2

Capsule Tech, Inc is moving beyond just connecting to a broader approach of connecting, monitoring, analyzing, and acting on data


In an interview at this year’s HIMSS (#HIMSS14), we met up with Stuart Long, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Capsule Tech, Inc. He explained to us why the company has moved beyond just connecting medical devices to a broader approach of connecting, monitoring, analyzing, and acting on the data. This allows development of very cool tools that can predict serious problems in hospitalized patients, such as sepsis.


Capsule’s New MDIS

The disconnect in healthcare delivery is the root of many of today’s problems, from skyrocketing costs to medical mistakes. With that in mind, Capsule introduces the first medical device information system (MDIS)—a system designed to incorporate device data more seamlessly into the healthcare environment and focus on the actionable intelligence it provides. So, in comes Capsule’s new SmartLinx MDIS, bringing device data together into a single unified system that first takes it where it needs to go and then adds new intelligence through analytics, equipment management, and other tangible aspects of the system.


Watch the Video:

Listen as Stuart explains what they are up to:

Video editing by Tammy Tran

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