By Joan Justice

First Posted at HealthWorks Collective on 7/2/2013

Joan Justice, Moderator, HealthWorks Collective
Joan Justice, Moderator, HealthWorks Collective

Aging 2.0 is a global network of innovators, investors, researchers, technologists and older adults.  The idea behind the network is to identify and support innovators working in large and small companies who are developing solutions for the 50+ market, and help them connect with markets around the world.

Aging2.0 is a joint project of Fordcastle LLC and Innovate 50 Consulting LLC – innovation consultancies founded by Stephen Johnston, MBA and Katy Fike, PhD respectively.  Stephen explains his mission in a recent interview:

“I was amazed at the lack of progress in diagnosis, treatment and products to improve the quality of life, and realized it was true for the aging space more broadly. I started blogging about innovation and aging in 2011, and teamed up with Katy Fike, PhD last year to run a series of meetings around the US and UK to connect with other innovators and build a community. I’ve spent most of my career building up collaborative innovation networks of one sort or another, and Aging2.0 is in a sense a continuation of what I’d done before in international trade and in the mobile business.”  

I first met Stephen and Katy at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC in December of last year and was intrigued with what they were doing.  When we recently started our Boomer Voice series, I wanted to collaborate with them and let our readers know what they were doing.  Stephen agreed to an interview and I am happy to have him here with us today.


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  1. Very interesting. There are several things you need to focus on as your age e.g.

    – Mental Fitness
    – Brain Health
    – Memory

    I feel our main focus is on physical fitness and we ignore the rest :(


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