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How to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age

Ilchi Lee - 7/7/2021 - 0

The brain has the potential to stay sharp even as we get older if we give it a workout. Taking care of your brain is the core of taking care of yourself.

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Pregnant COVID Vaccine

Is the COVID Vaccine Safe During Pregnancy?

Cecily D. Havert, M.D. - 6/14/2021 - 3

There is no data to support that the vaccine will negatively affect your ability to get pregnant, now or in the future.

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Disparities in Pain Care Treatment In The Socioeconomic World

Allen W. Burton, M.D. - 6/10/2021 - 3

Digital and telehealth are potential solutions for many, helping bridge the divide for those who have few options because of socioeconomic factors.

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Artery Heart Disease is Different in Women

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 6/7/2021 - 0

There is no better example of the disconnect between what we know and what we do than in the case of women with heart artery disease.

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poison ivy rash - poison ivy sign

Poison Ivy: How to Treat that Itchy Rash

Fayne Frey, MD - 6/3/2021 - 0

The poison ivy rash is intensely itchy but there are a number of home remedies and prescription medications that can bring relief.

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Guidance on Chronic Illness and the COVID 19 Vaccine

Daniel Hernandez, M.D. - 6/2/2021 - 0

Regardless of your chronic condition, keeping it as well-controlled as possible — meaning low disease activity or remission — is the goal.

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A Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis, a Bike Race and a Daughter’s Love

Jeffrey Swisher, M.D. - 5/27/2021 - 4

A mid-life diagnosis of muscular dystrophy causes a doctor to reflect on what he has lost and what he has gained.

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