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Vinay Patel, PharmD

Vinay Patel, PharmD
Vinay Patel is the Pharmacist Director of Clinical Operations at a regional home delivery pharmacy, serving over 10,000 low-income patients in 5 states. He has 10 years of combined management and clinical experience, which includes leading cross functional healthcare teams to implement innovative clinical programs across medicine and pharmacy. His impact in medicine includes managing chronic care for over 2,000+ patients face-to-face within many primary care clinics by integrating within a healthcare team with nurses, physicians, social workers, dietitians, and mid-level providers. His management experience includes engineering an effective clinical operations strategy to help a managed Medicaid client successfully meet Asthma and Diabetes HEDIS program measures. He is passionate about bringing simple solutions that can help our dysfunctional healthcare system and emphasizing how healthcare professionals can work as a team for optimal patient care. He lives in Morrisville, NC with his wife and 2 children and is always looking to partner with other healthcare innovators to create the future of medicine.

A Communication Failure Between Pharmacists and Doctors

Doctors and pharmacists are still using phones and faxes to communicate. Here is one pharmacist's vision of how to bring the conversation into the 21st century.
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Practical Solutions to our Misaligned Care Problem (Part 1)

The current payment model for pharmacy does not align with quality care and needs to be replaced with a model that rewards patient-centered care.

Why the U.S. Healthcare System Keeps Failing Patients

A pharmacist shares his views on how our healthcare system fails patients because doctors and pharmacists all too often practice in separate and distinct silos.