Talitha McGuinness

Website: https://www.fetalhealthfoundation.org/

Talitha McGuinness serves as the Executive Director for the Fetal Health Foundation. She has served in various roles, including Marketing and Creative Director, since the Foundation’s inception in 2006.

Having had twins diagnosed with TTTS and laser surgery as treatment at 17 weeks into her pregnancy, she knows all too well the journey that many patient families face during a fetal syndrome diagnosis. Her twin girls were born healthy, with no ill health effects from the diagnosis, which is what inspired her to get involved and give back so that others may have hope.

For years, Talitha has worked with the Foundation to form partnerships with leading fetal centers and children’s hospitals around the globe so that patient families might be better informed as to which centers offer various treatment options for their specific diagnoses. The Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board has helped build a unique online repository over the years, complete with information around diagnoses, treatment options, outcomes, etc. for close to 100 fetal syndromes. It is with this Medical Advisory Board that the Foundation ensures providing up-to-date, medically accurate information to those seeking help.

Talitha has been instrumental in organizing and leading a number of education and awareness campaigns and programs, including the Foundation’s flagship event, The Great Candy Run, and its annual Research Grant. In 2016, Talitha introduced Connexions magazine, an award-winning publication designed to share stories of hope, updates on research and treatment options, as well as provide information on resources such as grief support, etc. It serves a unique niche in serving both providers and patient families.

In the past two years, Talitha has successfully implemented National Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month during August, reaching an average of 40,000 people each month. She has also elevated the Foundation’s social media and website following, averaging more than 6,000 visitors per month. The Foundation has awarded more than $300,000 in Research Grants and has directly supported more than 500 patient families throughout the world through emails, phone calls, and emergency Travel Grants.

The Fetal Health Foundation is currently forming a new collaboration with the Fetal Therapy Think Tank, a diverse consortium of fetal medicine stakeholders working to advance the development of fetal diagnosis and treatment. Together, the organizations will offer even more innovative therapeutic options to patient families on their fetal syndrome journey. To learn more about the collaboration, visit fetaltherapythinktank.org. To learn more about the Fetal Health Foundation, visit www.fetalhealthfoundation.org.