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Thomas G. Kimball, PhD
Dr. Thomas G. Kimball, Ph.D., LMFT, serves as the Director of the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities and holds the George C. Miller Family Regents Professorship at Texas Tech University. He is also a Clinical Director with MAP Health Management, LLC and the co-author of the book, Six Essentials to Achieve Lasting Recovery, Hazelden Press. Follow him @drtomkimball.
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It is Absolutely Possible to Recover from Self-Harm

Self-harm may be an individual’s powerful symbol of wanting to live, but not knowing how to cope with the stress, trauma, and strong emotions of life.
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Fighting Drug Addiction Is Not Easy But You Are Not Alone

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Our nation is in the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic.”
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Addiction and Relapse: Can There Be One Without the Other?

Science has confirmed that addiction is a chronic brain disease and relapse can and does happen. Relapse is not a character flaw—recovery can be achieved again.
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Halloween is Not the Only Thing That Can Haunt Us

Mental illness is common and, for many, it feels like they are fighting a monster-like power that wants to suck the life and light out of them. They need to know that help is available.
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Medications to Fight Addiction – Good or Bad?

Medication-Assisted Treatment is a hotly contested issue in the addiction recovery world, but it is important to know there are safe and effective drugs to treat withdrawal and use for long-term maintenance.
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The Problem of Online Gaming Addiction

There is growing evidence that certain types of behaviors, especially when accompanied by obsession and compulsion, mirror substance addiction in multiple ways.
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How to Survive Addiction in the Dog Days of Summer

For alcoholics, attending a summer party with alcohol could lead to a return to a full-blown relapse into an addictive lifestyle.
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Four Powerful Ways Dads Help Their Kids Find Recovery

For this Father's Day, let's thank our fathers for all that they do, especially those whose children struggle with addiction.
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3 Gifts of Love to Moms from Their Children in Recovery

No matter how sobriety is achieved, recovery is a gift. Here are 3 gifts of love students have shared with their moms since starting their recovery journey.

Why is College Drinking Such a Big Problem?

Fewer than half of all colleges consistently enforce alcohol policies and even fewer work to restrict the number of outlets that sell alcohol or offer cheap drink specials.