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Thomas G. Kimball, PhD

Thomas G. Kimball, PhD
Dr. Thomas G. Kimball, Ph.D., LMFT, serves as the Director of the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities and holds the George C. Miller Family Regents Professorship at Texas Tech University. He is also a Clinical Director with MAP Health Management, LLC and the co-author of the book, Six Essentials to Achieve Lasting Recovery, Hazelden Press. Follow him @drtomkimball.
alcohol addiction native amerian

Myths About Alcohol Addiction in Native Americans

Native Americans have experienced strong bias, stereotype, myth, and marginalization on multiple levels, including with respect to alcohol addiction.
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What Does Research Tell Us About Marijuana & Addiction?

The impact of marijuana use on an adolescent’s brain is compelling and disturbing. Even more alarming is the misnomer that marijuana is not addictive.
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Why is Pornography So Powerfully Addictive?

Pornography acts like a drug in the brain and can become very powerful, particularly for some individuals in whom brain region activation is similar to craving and drug cue reactions for alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine.
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Drug Testing Provides a Powerful Way to Build Trust for Those in Recovery

For those in recovery desperate to rebuild trust with their loved ones, drug testing offers a means by which they can provide proof to the world they are in recovery and moving forward.
You're Addicted to Your Phone if You Agree with These Statements (ShutterStock)

You’re Addicted to Your Phone if You Agree with These Statements

Take this simple self-assessment quiz to help you distinguish cell phone addiction from significant use. If you are, you are not alone and there is help available.
Effective Treatment Planning Where is the Outcomes Data

Effective Treatment Planning: Where is the Outcomes Data?

One of the crucial things missing within the substance abuse treatment space is longitudinal outcomes data that documents the success or failure of a given treatment plan for a given person. Such data could be used improve individual patient outcomes and advance the field.
A woman in streetcar alone and depressed

Addiction is a Chronic Brain Disease, Not a Character Flaw

We must apply clinical and payment models to the treatment of addiction that acknowledge that it is a chronic condition that requires treatment for months and sometimes years.
It is Absolutely Possible to Recover from Self-Harm (Adobe Stock)

It is Absolutely Possible to Recover from Self-Harm

Self-harm may be an individual’s powerful symbol of wanting to live, but not knowing how to cope with the stress, trauma, and strong emotions of life.
Photo of desperate young drug addict wearing hood and sitting alone in dark

Fighting Drug Addiction Is Not Easy But You Are Not Alone

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Our nation is in the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic.”