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Trina Dorrah, MD
Trina E. Dorrah, MD, MPH, is a board-certified internal medicine physician who currently practices at Baylor Scott & White Health in Round Rock, TX. After earning her medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, she completed her residency in internal medicine and her master’s degree in public health from the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Author of Physician’s Guide to Surviving CGCAHPS & HCAHPS and CGCAHPS & HCAHPS Breakthrough: Coaching Health Care Providers for Success with the Patient Experience, Dr. Dorrah loves teaching providers and health care organizations how to improve the patient experience. She is excited to share her passion and expertise in an effort to create a better health care experience for all.
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Me First Behavior: Why Healthcare Turns Patients from Nice to Nasty

Me First Behavior describes patients who act as if their illness takes precedence above anything else their doctor is doing or any other patient their doctor is seeing. Why does it happen?

Why Is There So Much Hostility Toward the Patient Experience?

Dr. Trina Dorrah says that whenever she talks about patient satisfaction, she notices a general hostility from her colleagues toward the subject. Recently, since she started blogging about the patient experience, the angry opinions have become even more noticeable.