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Swetha Tummala

Swetha Tummala is a first-year medical student at Boston University School of Medicine. She is a part of Boston University’s Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program.

Swetha is the student lead for the 5210 Nutrition and Fitness Program, which aims to combat obesity by teaching children healthy lifestyle habits. Each number in the 5210 Nutrition and Fitness Progam represents a different healthy habit. For example, part of the number 5 in 5210 stands for five fruits and vegetables daily. Swetha introduces children to USDA’s MyPlate and helps children make balanced meals out of toy food.

Swetha was Editor-In-Chief of her high school yearbook, for which she frequently wrote and edited articles. She has published scientific abstracts and papers related to obesity and liver disease in Digestive Disease Week and World Journal of Hepatology.

In her free time, Swetha loves to sing, bake, listen to podcasts about food and finance, and watch movies. She actively plays basketball with her younger brother.

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