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Sarah Jones, MPA, MS

Sarah Jones, MPA, MS
Sarah is the CEO of the PMDAlliance. With more than 25 years of experience leading non-profits and health care programs, Sarah is an energetic, visionary leader who is continually looking for opportunities to increase impact and solve unmet needs. Her expertise extends to creating dynamic work cultures, systemic transformations, and blending passion for mission with innovative, high-quality business models. Sarah has designed programs and led trainings for local, national and international audiences, including groups in Canada and Botswana. Driven by the belief that life is too short to just show up every day, she strives to create a world that we are excited to live in and be a part of.
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Non-Movement Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease That Challenge Everyday Life

The lesser-known non-movement symptoms of Parkinson's Disease are often ignored and underreported. They can be hard to manage and create challenges in everyday living. The PMDAlliance created The emPowered! tool to help facilitate communications between doctors and people with Parkinson’s about these bothersome symptoms.