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Steven Chan, MD, MBA (@StevenChanMD)

Steven Chan, MD, MBA (@StevenChanMD)
Dr. Chan is a Clinical Informatics fellow at UC San Francisco (UCSF)'s Division of Hospital Medicine, serving as editorial boardmember for the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Mental Health, and develops cutting-edge research in the areas of digital mental health, with applications for cultural psychiatry and underserved minority health. Steve's ideas, thoughts, and research have been featured in JAMA, Healthcare, JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research), Wired, PBS, and NPR Ideastream. Steve serves as Vice Chair for the Workgroup on Mental Health & Psychiatric Apps at the American Psychiatric Association (APA), a part of the Committee on Mental Health Information Technology.
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4 Technology Trends for Healthcare Informatics in 2017

According to Dr. Steven Chan, next year, 2017, will include further advances in large-scale community testing, population-level health, patient-generated data, doctors assisted by computers, and overcoming hurdles for data sharing and systems implementation.
Arshya Vahabzadeh talks at Exponential Medicine

3 Key Factors to Reducing the Severity of the Mental Health Crisis

Mental health is a global health crisis, but there are 3 key ways to tackle this, according to Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD, Harvard Medical School faculty of psychiatry.
A Look to the Future of Mental Health Technology (Adobe Stock) 1500 × 1000

A Look to the Future of Mental Health Technology

Mental health has been slower than medical care to incorporate technology into its practice. According to speakers at the Open Minds Technology and Informatics Institute, this is about to change and that's a very good thing.
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Talk Tech: The New Frontier of AR and VR

What if you could talk to each other on Facebook—immersed in Facebook? And, how could the new talk tech (fused with VR) be used to improve healthcare?

Fear, Failures, and Phishing in Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology is improving but not as fast as it should be. Experts speaking at HealthIMPACT say that we need to address the factors that are holding it back.
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What You Will Want to Know about from Health 2.0

Health 2.0's 10th anniversary conference showcased health innovations that ranged from VR to pharma, apps to art, and more.
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Healthy Traveling for Professionals: It’s All in the Bag

Conference going is a must for professionals, but can be hard on the body. Here are some tips for healthy traveling from Dr. Steven Chan.
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What You Need to Know Before You Take That Health App Prescription

Just like there are good and bad books, good and bad medicines, and good and bad nutritional supplements, there are also good and bad health apps
Bad Mental Health App

Is an Imperfect Mental Health App Better Than No Care at All?

There are no perfect apps for mental health care yet, but, psychiatrist Steven Chan, MD wonders, wouldn't an imperfect app be better than no care at all?