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Raj Gopalan, MD

Raj Gopalan, MD
Raj Gopalan is an internist with a formal education and training in medical informatics. He has over 30 years’ experience, half of it in clinical medicine and the other half in informatics. He has served as a Clinical Architect and Medical Director of a large academic medical center and as a CMIO of a large multi-hospital integrated delivery network. He has also worked as a Clinical Architect for technology companies. In previous roles, he has designed, developed, and implemented EMR systems across multiple community and urban hospitals. The EMR system he designed and developed was acquired by Siemens Healthcare. In his current role, he directs the innovation lab at the Clinical Drug Information department of Wolters Kluwer looking at the next generation of Health Information Technology and Clinical Decision support to enable healthcare organizations to deliver precision care to patients with utmost efficiency.

Combating Alert Fatigue with Better Alert Engines

There are many reasons why clinicians ignore EMR drug alerts. To regain trust in alert engines, the alerts must be personalized & contextualized.