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Nicole Van Groningen, MD

Nicole Van Groningen, MD
Nicole Van Groningen is a third-year internal medicine resident at NYU, where she has been involved in high-value quality improvement projects as part of the national ACP/ABIM Choosing Wisely High Value Care In Action Fellowship. She also has a passion for medical innovation, which she blogs about at AvantMed. She is an avid tweeter at @NVanGronigenMD.
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How Gratitude Can Change Your Life for the Better

Research has documented that gratitude has beneficial effects on health that can be measured objectively.
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Should Doctors Abandon Their White Coats?

Doctors' white coats have been implicated as vectors of infections, yet docs and patients love them. Here's a review of the pros and cons of maintaining the white coat tradition.
Robots and computers making drugs of the future

Computers to Develop Drugs of the Future

Current approaches to drug development that relies on clinical trials in humans is expensive and unsustainable. "In silico," compute-based trials, when perfected, may be a speedier, less costly alternative.