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Mark Kirkpatrick is a journalist, health and fitness enthusiast in Los Angeles, California. He has found that productivity starts with healthy habits and hopes to help others achieve their goals through positive reinforcement.

How Pets Can Help Reduce Bullying

Kids who participated in therapeutic pet programs at school exhibited significantly fewer disciplinary actions and less aggressive activity compared to kids that didn't participate.

Allergic to Your Home? 10 Decoration Swaps That Can Help

Allergy sufferers should choose all-natural fibers, scentless candles, and keep pillows covered to control household allergens. With a little due diligence, allergy sufferers can decorate their home while keeping the space allergen free.
Man and woman checking tech watch

3 Ways Tech is Revolutionizing Exercise

We are living in the age of the sensor. Not only is wearable technology reshaping fashion, it has also caused a revolution in how we exercise and stay in shape.
3d organ printing

3D Organ Printing is a Reality

While 3D printing organs for adult humans may take some time, the future looks promising.