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Maria Teresa Ferretti Ph.D.

Maria Teresa Ferretti Ph.D.

Maria Teresa Ferretti Ph.D. is a neuroimmunologist and science advocate with 10+ years of international experience in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease. In 2016 Maria Teresa co-founded a non-profit organization called Women’s Brain Project (WBP), advocating for sex-sensitive precision medicine for brain and mental diseases (www.womensbrainproject.com).

WBP engages and collaborates with academic and clinical groups, pharma industry and regulators in events, symposia, and scientific writing on the topic, promoting data stratification by sex in the neuroscience/neurology community. More than 20 new papers (including primary research papers, reviews and position papers) have now been written thanks to this campaign, documenting the occurrence and importance of sex-effects in clinical and preclinical datasets, in particular in Alzheimer’s.


Interested in finding out more about what we do? Follow us on Twitter @womensbrainpro, listen to the Setting the Pace podcast featuring WBP ambassador, actress Cheri Ballinger, or sign up to get updates about our upcoming Forum taking place in Switzerland in June 2019.

Alzheimer's Disease patient with flowers

Alzheimer’s Disease: Precision Medicine May Get Us Closer to Cure

A precision medicine approach based on biomarkers, powered by AI, and sensitive to gender may get us closer to a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.
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The Importance of Women’s Brains in Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Understanding sex differences in human brains is crucial for precision medicine in Alzheimer's Disease. It may also help get to a cure.